Dawud is the founder and CEO of Tech Tron Blog. He has a background in engineering and a passion for technology, which led him to start the website to provide consumers with unbiased and comprehensive reviews of consumer electronics and home appliances. Dawud oversees the website’s day-to-day operations and works to ensure that our team members have the resources they need to produce high-quality content.

Dawud CEO


Dawud’s journey began in the world of engineering, where he honed his technical skills and gained a deep understanding of how various consumer electronics and home appliances function. This background instilled in him a profound appreciation for the inner workings of technology and a commitment to sharing that knowledge with the wider community.


Dawud pursued his education in engineering, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from a renowned university. His academic experiences provided him with the necessary knowledge and problem-solving abilities to excel in the tech industry.

Further Qualifications

In addition to his academic achievements, Dawud has continued to stay on the cutting edge of technology trends through ongoing learning and certifications in areas such as product testing and quality assessment. These qualifications have further empowered him to lead Tech Tron Blog effectively.

Words From Dawud

What Led You to Make the Website?

Dawud’s motivation to create Tech Tron Blog was born out of a desire to bridge the information gap in the consumer electronics and home appliance market. He recognized that consumers often struggled to find reliable, unbiased reviews and information when making purchasing decisions. This realization ignited his vision to establish a platform that offered detailed, research-based reviews to help individuals make informed choices.

How Has Been Your Experience With tech product?

Dawud’s extensive experience with tech products spans over a decade. He has tested and reviewed numerous gadgets, sharing insights on their performance and features with a global audience. His expertise has contributed to informed consumer choices and the continuous improvement of tech products.

What is Your Favorite Pair of tech product?

Dawud’s favorite tech product is undoubtedly the high-end noise-canceling headphones from a well-known brand. Their exceptional audio quality and comfort have made them his go-to choice for immersive music and audio experiences.

What Are Your Future Plans with tech product?

Dawud’s future plans with tech products involve expanding the scope of reviews to cover emerging technologies like AI and smart home devices. He aims to enhance the website’s content with in-depth analysis while staying committed to delivering unbiased information to empower consumers in their tech product choices.